Will people think I’m weird for not having a smartphone? #

This topic comes up a lot on places like Reddit and forums. I’ve personally been carrying a flip phone as my daily use cellphone for a long time, and the number of comments I’ve recieved about it can be counted on a single hand - and all of those interactions were positive.

Most people will either not notice or not comment, and the few that do usually say something like “That’s really cool!” or “I wish I had the ability to do that instead of my smartphone.”

Can I install (insert app here) onto my dumbphone? I really need (insert app here). #

The answer: It varies, depending on the device. Check the guides we’ve setup to see the answer for your specific device.

If you’re buying a dumbphone for the first time, try not to worry about this too much. The truth is that most people who feel they have a certain app as a “must have requirement” don’t really use it that much once they get used to the Dumbphone lifestyle.

Do I need to go Dumbphone full time? #

Not neccesarily. Lots of people in the community have both a smartphone and a dumbphone that they switch between. Usually in one of the two ways:

  1. Switching the SIM card between devices when they need the functionality or don’t
  2. Having two phone numbers, one for close contacts on the dumbphone, and one for other people on their smartphone that they leave at home.

There’s no shame in not being a “full-timer”. People have different requirements and different things that work for them, and finding what works best for you.

However, I recommend going as light as you can first, then slowly adding functionality back on as needed - whether thats adding apps, or elsewise.