Digital Minimalism

In the contermporary era, we exist in a state of information over-abundance. We are bombarded from all directions with news, entertainment, products, and messaging - all of the time.

As is a frequent assertion on this site, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that digital media has totally transformed our lives and the ways we interact with other people.

Digital Minimalism as a movement and philosophy is not a new path being blazed forward, but instead a careful retrospection on our relationship with technology, and priortizing what truly adds value to our lives. It’s a philosophy rooted in the recognition that the incessant consumption of digital content often leads to distraction, anxiety, and a diminished sense of fulfillment.

Tying hand in hand with simple living, at its core, its not just about trying to make do with less - instead, its about being mindful, and taking the time to deliberately curate our use of technology to reclaim our time and attention.

This may start with limiting your digital consumption - whether through decluttering digital spaces, reducing screen time, or even getting rid of smart devices all together - but digital minimalist practices expand beyond that, leading to better cultivating meaningful offline pursuits, building out a toolset that saves you time and energy, and overall - regaining a sense of focus and intent in an increasingly noisy world.

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